Monday, March 11, 2013

Dill Tzatziki Dressing

This recipe is my personal retribution (a yummy one, but still) for all the cakes and tarts I've been making lately. It's a spin on tzatziki, the Greek cucumber dip. It's light, fresh and delicious over a hearty chopped salad with chunks of cucumber, radish, onion, perfectly hard boiled eggs and canned salmon.

Dill Tzatziki Dressing
1 clove garlic, roughly chopped
1/4 cup olive oil
juice on 1/2 large lemon
1 1/2 cups greek yogurt or other plain yogurt
1 Tablespoon dried mint, crumbled (or 2 Tablespoons fresh mint, chopped)
1/2 teaspoon sea salt (to taste)
1/2 teaspoon freshly ground pepper
1/2 teaspoon siriacha or other hot sauce (optional)
3 cups (approx.) fresh dill, roughly chopped

Add all of the liquid to your food processor along with the garlic and blend well. Add the chopped dill and process until it's finely chopped and well incorporated into the dressing.

Serve over cucumber salad (mine had cucumbers, red onion and radishes) along with some canned salmon or tuna for a light, healthy meal akin to a salad ni├žoise.