Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Crowdfunding with RocketHub and The Anti-Cancer Survival Kit

Despite it's booming population, it can be hard to meet people in NYC. Being the newbie New Yorker that I am, I've started attending MeetUp events in an effort to expand my circle of friends here. So far, I've gone to one about fable writing, one on new models for education, and this Friday I'm going to one about ayurveda. But tonight's MeetUp is what I want to talk about here!

I had the good fortune to attend an insanely inspiring talk about crowdfunding given by Brian Meece, the founder of the online crowdfunding platform (or machine, as they call it!), RocketHub. The talk was organized by an innovative MeetUp group called, Creative Village, that seeks to connect creative people, projects and resources. Very cool! 

I took copious notes during the talk and jumped on my computer the moment I got home to start investigating the projects currently seeking crowdfunding on RocketHub. I was immediately drawn to an amazing project called, The Anti-Cancer Survival Kit. I highly recommend visiting their page and watching the brief and touching video that describes their project in greater detail. 

The kit they're developing contains an cookbook full of cancer fighting/preventing recipes, design plans for a garden full of healing plants, apps and games, a database with relevant medical information, and other tips to help folks with cancer, and their loved ones, deal with the day-in-day-out struggles of coping with the disease.

I was drawn to this project because six years ago, I lost my mother to uterine cancer. She was diagnosed late, after the disease had already metastasized and wreaked havoc throughout her body. She fought hard, had surgeries, chemo, healing prayer circles, funky new age concoctions, you name it, but her cancer was relentless and she succumbed to the disease just one year after her diagnosis. I have a achey lump in my throat as I write this and even six years later the loss feels so raw. The grieving process is extremely painful and harrowing, so when things like this come along, things that offer levity/hope/new angles toward the problem/an intimate sort of compassion, you feel really grateful. 

I hope you'll take a minute to check out RocketHub and support this cause or another that is close to your heart. Heck, go on there and start a project to raise funds for your own passion. It's a wonderful tool and an excellent way take control and effect change at a grassroots level. 

Thank you RocketHub and Creative Village for the excellent work you do and for empowering the masses!